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Traceratops - Log, Debug & QA


This app is a dashboard for Traceratops, a secure debugging and logging tool.Building awesome apps entails spending hours on debugging and quality assurance. Most tools provided in the Android development toolkit require domain knowledge and can be confusing to people not familiar with the processes. This is where Traceratops comes in.
Traceratops provides a set of tools that makes debugging and QA a lot easier, with features like:
1. Logging2. Creating debug parameters in SharedPreferences3. Capturing and showing reports of crashes4. Benchmarking API call latency
This is just the beginning, as a lot of more useful features are in the works.
Traceratops is fast and secure, so you need not worry about other people getting access to your app's private logs. What's more, it is Open Source, so you can verify the security mechanisms yourself. Integrating Traceratops with your app is very easy. A detailed integration guide along with the wiki can be found along with the source code on GitHub here: